Half Day Morning Program

Half Day
Half Day

Chiang Mai


Adult:                   1,700 Baht per person

Child (4-9 Yrs.):   1,200 Baht per person

Child (0-3 Yrs.):    Free


Tour Highlights:

1. Learning the History of Thai Elephants

2. Elephant Feeding

3. Walking with Elephants

4. Elephant Mud Bath

5. Elephant Bathing​

Full Itinerary:

- Pick up from your accommodation at 06:30 am - 07:00 am and travel around 1.5 hours to our ethical elephant camp in Mae Wang District.

- Visit a local market to support the local community before heading to the camp.

- Learn about Thai elephants and the ethical approaches to care for these majestic creatures.

- Get to know our elephants by feeding them bananas.

- Walk with our elephants into the tropical jungle to observe how they live freely in their natural habitat.

- Dip into a natural mud spa with our elephants and help keep them clean by bathing and brushing their skins.

- Enjoy a Thai, home-cooked lunch and fresh fruits.

- Say goodbye to your new found friends and return to your accommodation in Chiang Mai at around 1:30pm.


- Transportation (to/from your Accommodation in Chiang Mai)

- Experienced English-Speaking Guide

- Lunch

- Drinking Water

- Insurance

- Elephant Food (Bananas and Sugarcane).


- Swimming Suit

- Change of Clothes

- Walking Shoes and/or Flip-Flops

- Sunscreen

- Insect Repellent

- Towel



* * * * *

All we can say is wow! Best experience we have ever had. All the elephants were so beautiful and roaming free which is great to see as a lot of elephant sanctuaries in Chiang mai are not ethical. We got to hike up the mountain with the elephants walking around freely doing there own thing. The tour guide was brilliant too his English was great and he gave us so much information. I highly recommend anyone heading to Chiang mai and wanting to meet elephants to support this amazing sanctuary (all the elephants in the sanctuary are also rescues)

* * * * *

Ciaran Lee - June 2023 - TripAdvisor


* * * * *

I would recommend a tour to Into The Wild Elephant camp. You can see people in the center care about elephants. 

The sanctuary is very ethical and is located in the middle of the jungle. We fed the elephants, hiked next to elephants in the forest, and did many more things with them. Elephants were not forced to do anything they did not want to. A pleasant surprise was the food we had which was super yummy.

Over I learned a lot about elephants and created unforgettable memories.

* * * * *

Martin - May 2023 - TripAdvisor


* * * * *

Highly recommend! They are a very ethical elephant sanctuary. The elephants can come and go as they please. You get to feed them bananas, hike with them, and give them a mud bath. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a humane and kind elephant park.

* * * * *

Meg W - May 2023 - TripAdvisor


* * * * *

We went on the half day and it was just amazing from feeding them , trekking with them and bathing the elephants. We did a lot of research because we wanted the most ethical and it did not disappoint. The tour guards there have a true love for the elephants and its shows with how happy the elephants are. Highly recommend to anyone. The host was super friendly, funny and very informative, we will definitely be back.

* * * * *

Jono Muse - April 2023 - TripAdvisor


* * * * *

We went on an all day elephant tour with the ethical elephant group: Into the Wild Elephant Camp. It was probably one of the best days we’ve ever experienced. The folks who care for these girls love them. The elephants are not ridden, or chained and they have a huge area to roam in (including places to mud bathe and swim). We walked in the jungle with them, fed them medicine balls and watermelon and gave them baths. The elephants did what they wanted, when they decided to head back from our jungle walk, we all headed back. It was amazing just to watch them do their thing while we sat on an elevated platform. Mike was an excellent and knowledgeable tour guide who answered all of our questions about their ecology and social system. Thanks so much for an awesome day!

* * * * *

Alexa - April 2023 - TripAdvisor